Pricing it right

Robust choice modelling and behavioural cluster simulations to provide managerial evidence about a multitude of economic metrics, e.g. willingness-to-pay barriers, latent customer decision triggers, location premiums or discounts, etc.

Grounded in Nobel prize-winning economics

Our choice modelling approach combines crunchy analytics with Nobel prize winning behavioural economics. Compared to standard research methods, choice modelling allows you to drill down into the pricing trade-offs of consumers, where they are subject to real life situations and pressures.

We deliver actionable insights and adjustable applications that allow you to reach the sweet spot between price and proposition to your target customers. We can provide the answers to numerous pricing questions:

  • Decision-making hierarchies

    Understanding consumers’ pricing decisions against other key trade-off factors such as location, a service, an experience or a bundle of all combined.

    Example: Evaluating price points alongside, locations, formats, settings and cuisine types for a number of food & beverage scenarios, to identify where most value can be extracted.

  • Willingness-to-pay & price sensitivity

    Evaluating how much consumers will pay for different product and service bundles. In addition, to what extent these budget elasticities stretch for consumers’ ‘ideal’ bundle of choices.

    Example: What premium would consumers be willing to pay to live in a community with a park, on-site co-working spaces and a fitness centre?

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